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Project meetings in Central Asia

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Water Harmony Summer School – 2018

 From 17th of June till 6th of July 68 participants (37 MSc, 10 PostDocs and 21 students) joined the Water Harmony Summer School – 2018. Participants were from 17 countries (Bangladesh, Belarus, Cambodia, Canada, Denmark, Ethiopia, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Norway, South Sudan, Sri Lanka, Tajikistan, Uganda, Ukraine, USA) and presented 5 Projects:

Candidates were selected through competitive selection (according to the results of the testing (English and knowledge in the field of Water and Wastewater treatment), in which all interested persons could take part.

The agenda was built in the way when part of the participants (the WaSo students and Postdocs went to University of Southeast Norway in Bø (USN), while all other went to Svalbard. The students traveled to Svalbard took the THT 312 course during the first week, and the last 2 weeks were spent and NMBU, where they followed the THT 311 course.

One of the participants, Olha Kykot from Cherkasy State Tech University shares her experience:

 “Studding in the summer… Sounds not very attractive and fun. But the Water Harmony school has shown that it can be just exciting. Three weeks of training in Norway is a huge amount of positive emotions, interesting lectures, experienced teachers, new acquaintances, international team, impressive trips and lots of unforgettable experiences.

The concept of Norwegian lectures was quite different from the usual Ukrainian ones. There were lectures in the form of a presentation that provided visibility and more interest of the audience. Of course, software and hardware is at the highest level. But this only means that Ukraine has something to strive for and has a goal for growing.

Having completed Summer School 2018 in Norway, I understand how important cooperation with other nations is to achieve our common goal – making water safe and affordable resource for every inhabitant of our planet”.

Water Harmony Summer School 2018

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Project meeting in Tajikistan

The peculiarity of the “Water Harmony Eurasia-II” project is a unique opportunity to have regular meetings of all team members. This time, its hospitality shared sunny Tajikistan, where from the 29th of September until the 4th of October 2017 the fourth working meeting was held.

Besides the hosts, Mining-metallurgical Institute of Tajikistan (Chkalovsk) and Tajik Technical University, (Dushanbe), the project was represented by partner universities from Belarus, Kasachstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Norway and Ukraine.

The first official meeting of participants and associate members of the project was held at the Mining-metallurgical Institute of Tajikistan in the city of Buston (Chkalovsk). Welcoming words were made by the rector of the Institute -Fozilzoda Mukhtor Murodali  and then the main specialist of the Committee for Environmental Protection of the Sughd Region and after specialist of The Melioration and Irrigation Committee of the Sughd Region gave a speeches and shared their problems and achievements. The main issue of involving state organizations in the higher education processes was discussed within this brief but fruitful meeting.

Then the project meeting participants visited the audiences, where laboratory courses were conducted and visited the institute’s laboratory with a new atomic absorption spectrometer.

At working meetings in Khujand were discussed issues of double degrees, involving partners in scientific work and joint publications, ensuring the quality of education/students survey, etc. Working moments were harmoniously mixed with pleasant minutes of acquaintance with the Republic of Tajikistan.

It should be noted that Tajikistan is an original region of the terrific natural contrasts, 93% of its entire territory is occupied by mountains considered to be the most beautiful in Central Asia. A “white gold”, “wood wool” – cotton is the main wealth of Central Asia and now in the south of Tajikistan it is cotton harvesting.

After a long crossing through the mountains, the project participants had another official meeting at the Tajik Technical University named after M. Osimi in Dushanbe.

The meetings traditionally contains a scientific seminar. This time it was held in The National Patent Informational Center with the participation of the state environmental authorities of Tajikistan and Dushanbe. The participants discussed problems and prospects of the water sector development, issues of rivers water quality management, research and innovation in the field of water supply and wastewater management, as well as the important issue of training specialists in the field of water treatment.

Apart from the intensive work program, the Tajik colleagues managed to organize a rich cultural program for the meeting participants with a visit to the Arbob (Khujand) museum-palace, the Hissar fortress and the historical-ethnographic museum (Dushanbe), as well as taking part cotton harvesting in the amazing fields of this fertile land.

The project members have become true friends and a united team and will soon meet again. Next time guests will be hosted by the colleagues from the Republic of Moldova – Technical University of Moldova.

Tetiana Solodovnik, solodovniktetana@gmail.com
Olena Hruzdieva, lenavg@ua.fm
Serhii Shmyhol, sergioshyhol@gmail.com

WHEurasia-ІІ Project Meeting In Tajikistan

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Participation of project members in the 5th International Water Forum “Water Resources and Climate”

On 5-6 of October, 2017, the 5th International Water Forum “Water Resources and Climate” was held in Minsk. It was organized by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of the Republic of Belarus, Belarusian State Technological University, RUP “TsNIIKIVR”, Minsk City Executive Committee . The members of “Water Harmony Eurasia-II” project actively participated in the “Water Forum”.

The first introductory speech at the forum was made by: Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Belarus, Minister of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of the Republic of Belarus, Rector of the Belarusian State Technical University, Dr.-Ing. Ihor Voitov, the project coordinator, Professor Harsha Ratnaweera and the project secretary, PhD Zakhar Maletskyi (Norwegian University of Natural Sciences, Ås, Norway).

Olena Hruzdieva, lenavg@ua.fm
Serhii Shmyhol, sergioshyhol@gmail.com

V International Water Forum (5-6 Oct 2017, Minsk, Belarus)

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International Summer School “Water Harmony” 2017

During the three weeks from June 18 to July 8, 2017, the best students from Bangladesh, Belarus, Germany, Canada, Kazakhstan, China, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, USA, Tajikistan, Uganda, Ukraine, South Sudan, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Japan participated in the international summer school “Water Harmony” in the framework of the project “Water Harmony Eurasia II”.

This year the number of participants was a record – 66 people! Organizers believe, this experience of the unification of different countries representatives brings unique fruits: from the establishment of intercultural dialogue to joint scientific work in the future.

The students attended the course of THT-311 (Water Resources Management and Treatment Technologies) at NMBU. To get acquainted with modern and high-tech enterprises, excursions were organized at the Lillelstrøm drinking water treatment plant for the needs of Oslo city in Norway.

Undoubtedly, the “highlight point” of the School this year was a one-week trip to UNIS University (University Centre In Svalbard) at the Svalbard archipelago, which included classroom activities and the passing of the exam after the special course THT-312 (Water Management in a Cold Climate). For students this trip was not only an extraordinary opportunity to enjoy the beauties of Svalbard (which it is impossible to describe in words, you just need to see it with your own eyes), but also to visit one of the largest satellite stations in the world KSAT (Kongsberg Satellite Services), the island’s water treatment equipment and other unique infrastructures , which is typical only for places with a similar climate.

At the end of the summer school, the participants took the exam. The examination commission consisting of teachers from NMBU and teachers from other countries under the guidance of professor, Water Harmony Erasmus+ project coordinator Harsha Ratnavira.

The closing of the summer course was a festive ceremony in one of the oldest NMBU’s auditoriums, where motivational and inspirational words were told by high-ranking guests. The festive dinner already became traditional, which was prepared for the participants by graduate students and students of the Norwegian university.

The project participants wish all the best to graduates of “International Water Harmony Summer School” and invite to follow the news at our Facebook page.

Student Summer School “Water Harmony” (Norwegian University Of Life Science, 25/06-08/07/2017)

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ChSTU and KPI held the third Project meeting of Water Harmony Eurasia – II

From 27 of May 2017 till 1st of June 2017 at Cherkasy State Technological University and the National Technical University of Ukraine “I. Sikorsky Kiev Polytechnic University” was held the planned third working meeting of the “Water Harmony Eurasia -II” project  within the framework of the International Project CPEA-2011/10002 “Water Harmony – Integration of Education, Research, Innovation and Entrepreneurship (Water Harmony-II)”. Representatives from partner universities of Norway, the Republic of Belarus, the Republic of Moldova, the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Republic of Tajikistan and the Kyrgyz Republic, a delegation from the Ukrainian State University of Chemical Technology (Dnipro), as well as associate members of the project: B.N. Yeltsin Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic University (Bishkek), National University “Lviv Polytechnic”, (Lviv), National University of Water and Environmental Engineering  (Rivne).

The agenda of the meeting had quite a lot of points, so the meeting was very intense. The following issues were discussed:

  • development of external communications of the project, receiving of laboratory equipment;
  • work on the translation and improvement of the handbook “Physico-chemical methods of water treatment. Water resources management “;
  • summer course for students in Norway: information dissemination, logistics, formation of the Alumni Association, Facebook group, etc .;
  • students’ and employees’ English language commands improvement;
  • MSc- and PhD-students: how to become better supervisor;
  • inter-university educational cooperation: involving partners in the MSc and PhD defense processes;
  • development of the “Double Diploma” program;
  • partners involvement in researchers and joint publications;
  • development of training programs;
  • organization of the next project meeting in Tajikistan.

Also, was provided the information about the Water Harmony Erasmus + project and the possibilities of integrating two similar projects through the development of general educational courses.

In order to improve the practical competencies of participants and getting familiarized with the processes of drinking water preparation in Cherkasy city, the organizers prepared an excursion to the municipal potable water treatment plant, which serves needs of more than 300.000 people.

Two scientific seminars were also held. The first, “Integration of Education, Research and Innovation in Cooperation with Enterprises” in the city of Cherkasy, ​​with the participation of representatives of state and municipal institutions, which work in the field of water resources management.And the second, “Water: Science and Technology”, in Kiev, within the framework of the international specialized exhibition “AquaTerm”. The materials of the seminars can be found by the following link.

The organizers thank all participants of the working meeting and look forward to the new one, which will be held in October  in Tajikistan.

Serhii Shmyhol

Проектная встреча WHE-II Черкассы-Киев/ Project Meeting WHE-II Cherkasy-Kyiv

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Seminar “Water: Science and Technologies”

We inviting You to visit the seminar “Water: Science and Technologies” of international projects “Water Harmony”, which will be conducted 1st of June 2017 from 10:00 till 14:30 at Conference-hall #9, pavilion 2 of International Exhibition Center.
Address: Brovarsky Avenue 15, Kiev

Water Harmony AquaTherm program

International сonference «Chemistry and Modern Technologies» will be held at USUCT

We invite you to participate in the VIII International Scientific Conference of Students, Postgraduates and Young Scientists «Chemistry and Modern Technologies».

Thematic areas of the conference:

  1.  Inorganic chemistry, technology of inorganic substances and industrial ecology
  2.  Chemistry and water technology
  3.  Electrochemistry
  4.  Organic chemistry, technology of organic substances and pharmaceutical chemicals
  5.  Chemistry and technology of fuel oil and polymeric materials
  6.  Chemistry and technology of refractory non-metallic and silicate materials
  7.  Analytical chemistry, chemical technology of food additives and cosmetic preparations 8. Biotechnology
  8.  Safety, health and civil protection
  9.  Computer modeling and control systems
  10.  Power engineering, machine-building and materials science
  11.  Ways of improvement of industrial enterprise management
  12.  Spiritual origins of modern society

The conference will be held on April 26-28, 2017.

Conference languages: Ukrainian, Russian and English.

The abstracts will be published in the Conference Proceedings Book with an ISBN number.

How to participate?

until March 31, 2017 (inclusive)

  • register on the site sciendar.com;
  • attach abstracts, drawn up as required;
  • attach skan- or photocopy of the payment receipt of the registration fee;

until April 25 (optional)

  • send a video report / presentation (.avi format)

Summer school “Water Harmony – 2016” in Norway

Since March 2016, the project “Water Harmony-II” has started its work in frame of the project CPEA-2015/10036 “Water Harmony – Integration of Education, Research, Innovation and Entrepreneurship (Water HarmonyII)”.


The project includes students mobilities from partner universities to the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU). This year, during the three weeks in the period 25.06-16.07.2016, the best students from the partner universities had the opportunity to take part in the international summer school as a participation in student mobility program.

Within two weeks, Ukrainian students, along with students from Moldova, Belarus and Tajikistan (Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh) attended the course THT-311 “Water Resources Management and Treatment Technologies” at NMBU, and also attended an additional course of lectures at the University College of Southeast Norway (HSN, Bo, Telemark).

Special attention should be paid to the process of practical training. Each student had the opportunity to work with modern analytical equipment. In addition, they worked with programs for modeling  water treatment systems maintaining.

“Lectures were held in an interactive form. Teachers delivered presentations, which students had got in advance as a printed copy. On the slides there were only the most important information and images. While students were getting the clue of presentations lecturers diluted it with clear facts. In general, there was a little time needed to understand the lecture, because the visual memory is used maximally, and together with it the associative one” – shared his impressions Kalambet Yurii, the fifth-year student of USCTU.

It should be noted that in the educational process of the NMBU much attention is paid to the practical examples and practical reinforcement of the theoretical knowledge received from lectures, therefore, excursions to WW treatment plant and drinking water treatment plant  were organized.

At the end of the course, the students prepared team projects dedicated to the modernization of the existing water treatment plants, which was defended in front of colleagues and teachers.

By the way, it is safe and healthy drinking water flows off taps in Norway and the small (by square) water treatment plant is so powerful that it serves with drinking water several cities.

Having worked hard, having traveled, having received new actual knowledge and skills, we hope that students, as representatives of their countries, will become real “agents of change” and will try to “harmonize” the existing with what they saw in the educational process, at water treatment facilities in everyday life.

Serhii Shmyhol, sergioshyhol@gmail.com
Sorochkina Kateryna, PhD at USCTU

Student Summer School “Water Harmony” (2016)

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Meeting in Tadjikistan

Greetings from sunny Tajikistan!

The next meeting of the “Water Harmony” project working group was held in Tajikistan, which graced us with sunny and warm weather. Hosts showed traditional Asian hospitality: they organized hosting and work on the territory of the sanatorium “Bahariston”, showed sights of Khujand and Chkalovsk , introduced to the national traditions and natural beauty of mountainous Tajikistan.

The main issues on the meeting were:

  1.  Presentation of the final form and content of training programs on the following modules: physico-chemical fundamentals of water treatment, wastewater treatment, water resources management;
  2. Revue of textbook`s content material, discussion difficulties of the individual sections and the possibility of placing written sections on the project site;
  3. Discussing the possibility of filing an application for a general grant for scientific and technological project of the International Organization (NATO);
  4. Discussing the possibility to hold short scientific conferences for the project participants in the scheduled meetings;
  5. Discussion of summer training session and students term papers assessment conditions;
  6. Approval of the location and dates for future project participants meetings;
  7. Conducting career guidance for school graduates of Chkalovsk.

tadj1The work of the group

Associate professor of NTU “KPI” Sanginova O. started the discussion on the first issue and introduced the form of the curriculum and content of the programs developed by NTU “KPI”, listed above. Small additions to the program were proposed by BSTU and USCTU. Overall, it was decided to adopt the proposed documents for using them in all universities. The total amount of the course is 30 credits (300 hours). Project participants should use at least 67% of the offered programs for training their students, but they are free to set up modules or their parts and other disciplines on their own.

tadj2Sanginova O. presents the form and content of training programs

Associate professor of NTU “KPI”, Tolstopyatova N. provided information on the work done on the textbook, about progress in developing various sections of textbook and proposed to accelerate the filling of sections due to the need of further editing. It was also proposed to place the parts of a textbook on the project site to inform participants and let them make their suggestions and corrections, if necessary.

The projects development in the direction of research was also discussed. Professor H. Ratnaweera proposed to conduct research and practical mini-conferences within the project seminars in which the participants will present the results of their research work and face the problems encountered in the performance of research. In addition, Professor H. Ratnaweera invited to apply for a grant for the implementation of a joint scientific and technological project. Proposed initiatives were accepted by all parties and the theme of the project is formulated for applications in NATOSFP: «Risk Assessment Methodology for the quality of drinking water and the review of struggle methods.”

And Professor H. Ratnaweera also shared the experience of the students summer session, and made some comments about selection of candidates, student`s discipline, and reminded that students are required to pass the defense of their term papers. Designs and assessment of term papers are different in all the universities, so Professor H. Ratnaweera decided that all of the students should pass the defense of their term papers in their home universities and printed results of this must be sent to him up to 01.12.2012. The total mark for the term paper will be based on those results.

tadj3Mining and Metallurgical Institute of Tajikistan

Professional orientation was conducted among graduates of schools in the promotion of gender issues. Participants met with high school students of general education lyceum of Chkalovsk. Professors Ratnaweera H., Razykov Z., assistant professors Sanginova O., Tolstopyatova N., Kadirbaeva A. and member of student summer session in Norway from Tajikistan – Kushnuda Ibrogimi met with students and their parents.

Participants planned the date of next combined meeting in Cherkassy and Kiev in May 2013. Meeting in Shymkent will be in the beginning of October 2013. There were also decided to participate in the International Science and Engineering Conference in Minsk on 22-23 November 2012.

And of course the hosts organized interesting and educational tours in the city of Khujand and mountainous Tajikistan.

tadj4The historical museum on the place of an ancient fortress

tadj5Rich gifts of eastern bazaar

tadg6Gorge Shahristan

Many thanks to colleagues from the Mining and Metallurgical Institute of Tajikistan for the warm welcome, and see you in Minsk.