National University of Water and Environmental Engineering (NUWEE) is one of leading technological higher educational establishments of water management direction not only in Ukraine but in Eastern Europe. More than 12,000 students get higher education at university, 658 teaching and research workers of higher qualified cation, including 57 doctors of sciences, professors, 387 candidates of sciences, associate professors work here. 36 academicians and corresponding members of Academies of Sciences of Ukraine and foreign countries are in the staff of university Teaching and research staff is actively engaged in inventive activity. Each year the University receives more than 60 patents for invention and utility model.

Research work is carried out in such key directions as hydrotechnical reclamation, hydrotechnical, hydropower, thermal power engineering, hydraulics, water management ecology and hydrogeology, geology, and water management.

  • Areas of research activities Institute of Water Management and Environmental Engineering (IWMEE):
  • improving the construction and operation of water systems and nature protection objects;
  • developing of improved structures drainage systems and water regulation technologies of drained soils;
  • control optimization of water regime drained land with using modern computer and information technology;
  • development of measures to improve operational reliability and efficiency of water use in the Danube rice irrigation systems;
  • functioning problems of irrigation systems Ukraine and ways of their use;
  • development of scientific foundations and water management in Ukraine;
  • water management and use;
  • develop criteria and modeling of permissible anthropogenic pressures on ecosystems of water bodies and their basins;
  • strategy for environmentally sound water use on river basins and ecologically allowable water withdrawal from rivers; a complex environmental assessment of water resources and around water ecosystems;
  • water management and Ecological regionalization of river basins to identify priority investments in environmental protection measures;
  • streamlining water protection zones of rivers;
  • improving of the constructions, methods of calculation and design of hydropower facilities and hydraulic machines;
  • improving thermal and hydraulic calculations of energy installations and apparatus;

Perspective areas of scientific cooperation

  • hydraulic study of open and closed watercourses;
  • riverbed processes and fl ood protection on mountain and lowland rivers;
  • investigation of fi ltration processes in earthen dams and protecting dams;
  • full-scale survey and research of hydraulic structures and channel processes;
  • participation in the expertise, counseling, planning, in construction and in the hydraulic research of hydraulic structures;
  • studying conditions of formation of surface and underground runoff, its qualitative and quantitative assessment in conditions of intensive and comprehensive anthropogenic load;
  • assessment of engineer geological conditions built-up areas.

There is the most powerful in Ukraine and CIS laboratory base total area of 915m² at Hydraulic engineering department. HYDRAULIC ENGINEERING LABORATORY is unique in its kind not only in Ukraine but also abroad. The squares of experimental platforms and installations and available tools allow modeling of hydraulic processes and waterworks on order water economic construction companies, design firms and institutions.

Alla Kucherova

Head of Grant Activities Department
Senior Lecturer at the Department of Agro chemistry, Soil Science and Farming
Phone number: +380980255677


Research interests

Utilization of  organic waste including sewage sludge, organic farming, climate change, international teamwork.


More than 50 scientific and educational papers, manuals, educational recommendations. 1 patent of Ukraine

List of selected research papers

  1. Olіinуk, O. O., Kucherova, A. V. and Нoltsman, O. S. (2016). Features of the Winter Oilseed Rape Growing in Ukrainian Polissia. Bulletin National University of Water Management and Nature Resources Use. Collection of Scientific Papers. Agricultural Sciences, Vol. 2(74), pp. 91-99.
  2. Trusheva, S. S., Olіinуk, O. O.and Kucherova, A. V.,   (2014). Analysis of the soil fertility status dynamics in the Koretsky district of Rivne region on the results of their agro-chemical survey.  International scientific conference “Improvement of ecological and agrochemical condition of soils and quality through the introduction of modern technology the use of fertilizers.” (20-21 November 2014 m. Kharkiv) ”, pp. 150-153.
  3. Kucherova, A. V., Trusheva, S. S. and Olіinуk, O. O. (2014). Agrochemical expediency of ecologically safe use of sewage sludge as fertilizer. Agrochemistry and Soil Science. Special issue. Book 3. 200-202.
  4. Moshynsky V.S., Lаhodniuk O.A.. Lаhodniuk A.M.,  Korbutiak V.M., Kucherova A.V. (2013). Identification of re-wetlands according to remote sensing data for greenhouse gases cadastre. Workbook of  International Conference ”Kolkhety Lowland Water Ecosystems – Protection and Efficient Use”, pp. 156-160.
  5. Kucherova, A. V. (2013). Reuse of sewage sludge from treatment plants as an effective method of reducing the man-caused load on the environment. Materialy IX Miedzynarodowej naukowipraktycznej konferencjiAktualne problemy nowoczesnych nauk .Volume 28, pp. 11-13.
  6. Trusheva, S. S., Kucherova, A. V. and Datsiuk, M. V. (2013). Qualitative Estimation of Soils as a Basis for the Farming System Optimization. Bulletin National University of Water Management and Nature Resources Use. Collection of Scientific Papers. Agricultural Sciences, Vol. 4(64), pp. 18-23.
  7. Veremeenko S.I. and Kucherova A.V. (2011). Regulation of requirements as for quality and use of sewage sludge and compost on their basis in agriculture. Bulletin Nadsluchanskyy Institute ,3, pp. 10-13.
  8. Veremeenko S.I. and Kucherova A.V. (2011). Experience of Sewage Sludge Utilization on Greyic Phaeozems Albic. Bulletin Kharkiv National Agrarian University,3, pp. 92-95.
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